wedding photojournalism

It’s not about trend or gimmick. It’s not about the classically posed dip, the veil over the groom’s head, or even the hanging dress. It’s not about formal group shots, and it’s certainly not about the table shots.

It’s about the butterflies in your stomach. The quiet recital of vows. The flower girls and ring bearers stumbling down the aisle. The maid of honor chasing the train. The best man being a best friend. It’s the way sunset illuminates her eyes. The strength of his face. The details, the clutter, and the first kiss. It’s about the family bonds. And the anticipation of things to come.

From peace to joy. From laughter to tears. The drama. The humor. The bliss.

It’s about your wedding day.

There’s an intimacy unseen by most guests and photographers during these special days. And in order to collect these intimate moments and create a wonderful story, you have to break free from the norms of wedding convention, and read between the lines.

That’s why I’m here.

Go ahead. Enjoy yourselves. I’ll get the shot.

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